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X125T-MX Engines -- TaG Karting
2-Stroke Kart Racing Engines, TaG

X125TWORD Racing is pleased to be an Authorized dealer of the X125T Engines & Parts by Maxter. If you're in search of the best quality TaG engine on the market, or if you're looking for a smooth TaG engine, with a powerful wide powerband, this is the engine to have.

The X125T engine line is a reconfigured KF engine
built for the North American racer.

This next-gen TaG engine allows for more power, less vibration, external water pump, beautiful one-piece pipe and a 15500 rev limiter with 30hp!  It is now available in a junior, with restriction at the manifold, or a senior configuration.  The ever-popular Tillotson HL334A/HL334AB (23mm) carburetor is used for Senior while the Tillotson 27mm is used for Heavy/Masters (and the Tryton 27mm allowed regionally).  See homologation pdf below for more technical information. 

X125 SPECIAL - $100 OFF & FREE SHIPPING! *for a limited time

*Approved by TaG USA, and IKF, as well as:

  • SoCal Major League Karting Sprint
  • Region 6 Pacific Northwest Gold Cup Series and local club series
  • NorCal Karters and NCK (sprint and road)
  • The F-Series - GearUp Challenge
  • Texas Sprint Series
  • O2S Championship Series
  • All TaG sanctioned series, and many local series

X125T-MX - Complete TaG Engine Package

X125t Kart Racing Engine
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X125T-MX-23 125cc Junior/Senior TaG Engine Package -- $3095.00
X125T-MX-27 125cc Masters/Heavy TaG Engine Package -- $3195.00
*Free Shipping in the U.S.A. (for a limited time)
*No sales tax


OPTIONS w/ $100 OFF Reg. Price


X125 Engine Package IncludesAccessories Included with Engine Package

    • Radiator
    • Adjustable radiator cover
    • Radiator mounting brackets
    • Dampeners
    • Airbox (with boot and clamp)
    • Wiring Harness
    • Pipe
    • Battery Box (with fixing hardware)

Tuning & Setup Information

    • Fuel Mixture: 16:1, or 6% (8 ounces per gallon)
    • Carb settings for Tillotson HL334AB: L 1-3/4 ~ H 1*
    • Carb settings for Tillotson X125T  27mm: L 1-3/4 ~ H 1
    • Carb settings for Tryton HB27: L 1-1/4 ~ H 1-1/4
    • Engine Mounting: An engine plate may be required if your motor mount does not have a cut out
    • Case Oil: Case does NOT come with oil, PLEASE check prior to running. Requires 50cc or 50ML. We recommend PM Xeramic KF Kart Gear Oil or Dumonde Tech LWHS Gear Oil. The manufacturer advises changing the oil every 5 hours of operation.
    • Rev Limiter: 15,500
    • Spark Plug: BR10EG
    • Target EGT: 1050-1100 (Fahrenheit) *100 degrees less with Junior restrictor
    • Recommended Water Temp range: 120-130 (Fahrenheit). This engine now uses an external water pump.
      Distilled water recommended. No coolant allowed for racing, so be sure to drain it or keep it in a warm place during the winter months. Water wetter and similar products are allowed, but no more than a cap full or two are needed, to add in with the water.

    * The importer recommends Low 2 TO and High 1 TO for initial break-in with the Tillotson carb, before leaning the low to 1-3/4 (range of 1-3/4 to 2).

X125T Documentation

X125 engine details

***REVISION - Due to some issues on a few internal water pumps, this engine is now designed to run with an external water pump.***

X125T Quality TaGFAQ

  • Disclaimer - Motorsports are potentially dangerous, please read the disclaimer, and wear proper safety gear. Although we usually have an X125 in stock, it is a special order engine and restocking fees will apply on any cancelled orders.
  • Payment of Freight Charges for International Shipments - Enter name (or sales order #) in the box below, click the Buy Now button, and enter the amount quoted (contact us for quote). Note, this will be a separate transaction, it will not add to cart.
    Customer is responsible for any Customs charges or taxes their country may charge.
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