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X125T-MX Engines -- TaG Karting
2-Stroke Kart Racing Engines, TaG

X125TWORD Racing is pleased to be an Authorized dealer of the new X125T Engines & Parts. If you're in search of the best quality TaG engine on the market, or if you're looking for a smooth TaG engine, with a powerful wide powerband, this is the engine to have.

The X125T engine line is a reconfigured KF engine
built for the North American racer.

This next-gen TaG engine allows for more power, less vibration, internal water pump, built-in hour meter, beautiful one-piece pipe and a 15500 rev limiter with 30hp!  It is now available in a junior, with restriction at the manifold, or a senior configuration.  The ever-popular Tillotson HL334A/HL334AB (23mm) carburetor is used for Senior while the Tillotson 27mm is used for Heavy/Masters (and the Tryton 27mm allowed regionally).  See homologation pdf below for more technical information. 

*Approved by TaG USA, and IKF, as well as:

  • SoCal Major League Karting Sprint
  • Region 6 Pacific Northwest Gold Cup Series and local club series
  • NorCal Karters and NCK (sprint and road)
  • The F-Series - GearUp Challenge
  • Texas Sprint Series
  • O2S Championship Series
  • All TaG sanctioned series, and many local series

X125T-MX - Complete TaG Engine Package

X125t Kart Racing Engine
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X125T-MX-23 125cc Junior/Senior TaG Engine Package -- $3195.00
X125T-MX-27 125cc Masters/Heavy TaG Engine Package -- $3295.00
*Introductory special - Free Shipping in the U.S.A. (for a limited time)
*No sales tax



X125 Engine Package IncludesAccessories Included with Engine Package

    • Radiator
    • Adjustable radiator cover
    • Radiator mounting brackets
    • Dampeners
    • Airbox (with boot and clamp)
    • Wiring Harness
    • Pipe
    • Battery Box (with fixing hardware)

Tuning & Setup Information

    • Fuel Mixture: 16:1, or 6% (8 ounces per gallon)
    • Carb settings for Tillotson HL334AB: L 1-3/4 ~ H 1*
    • Carb settings for Tillotson X125T  27mm: L 1-3/4 ~ H 1
    • Carb settings for Tryton HB27: L 1-1/4 ~ H 1-1/4
    • Engine Mounting: An engine plate may be required if your motor mount does not have a cut out
    • Case Oil: Case does NOT come with oil, PLEASE check prior to running. Requires 50cc or 50ML. We recommend PM Xeramic KF Kart Gear Oil. The manufacturer advises changing the oil every 5 hours of operation.
    • Rev Limiter: 15,500
    • Spark Plug: BR10EG
    • Target EGT: 1050-1100 (Fahrenheit) *100 degrees less with Junior restrictor
    • Recommended Water Temp range: 120-130 (Fahrenheit).
      Distilled water recommended. No coolant allowed for racing, so be sure to drain it or keep it in a warm place during the winter months. Water wetter and similar products are allowed, but no more than a cap full or two are needed, to add in with the water.

    * The importer recommends Low 2 TO and High 1 TO for initial break-in with the Tillotson carb, before leaning the low to 1-3/4 (range of 1-3/4 to 2).

X125T Documentation

X125 engine details

X125T Quality TaGFAQ

  • Disclaimer - Motorsports are potentially dangerous, please read the disclaimer, and wear proper safety gear.
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