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MYCHRON5 Karting
Real time data aquisition with GPS for karting, by AIM

MyChron5 is arguably the most popular karting gauge or karting computer in the US. All the functions you've come to depend on from the MyChron4, are now available (and more) in the MyChron 5 with built in GPS. No need to purchase the GPS module separately, it's now included as part of the same unit. An added plus is the new rechargeable Lithium battery. Record in real time with excellent accuracy - your lap and split times, speed, RPM, and one or two temperatures (depending on model). Now with GPS, you can also record postion on track, acceleration, and much more.

Tne new MyChron5, by AIM, is loaded with features. Here are a few that we found most interesting or useful...

    • Precise GPS with a database of tracks and the ability to learn new tracks (track mapping feature)
    • Rechargable Lithium battery
    • Wi-Fi connection (elimiates need for data key) to quickly upload data to a computer at the track
    • Full compatibility with MyChron4 expansions and add-ons
    • Bright backlight, and you can choose from multiple colors
    • Customized data visualisation and multifunctional LEDs
    • Simple enough to basically plug-n-play, but complex enough to satisfy advanced data analysis and customization (Click Here for MyChron5 user guide - PDF Document)

MyChron Karting Computer

MyChron5 - GPS Data Gauge by AIM (single temp)


MyChron5 GPS Data Gauge (single temp) -- $499.00
*Free Shipping in the U.S.A. (for a limited time)
*No sales tax

Temperature Sensor Option



MyChron5 2T - GPS Data Gauge by AIM (2 Temperature sensors)

MyChron5 2T
MyChron5 2T

MyChron5 2T GPS Data Gauge (dual temp) -- $599.00
*Free Shipping in the U.S.A. (for a limited time)
*No sales tax

Temp Option 1
Temp Option 2




  • Disclaimer - Motorsports are potentially dangerous, please read the disclaimer, and wear proper safety gear.
  • MyChron specific disclaimer - Pay attention to your driving! We take quick glances, on the main straight, to check temperatures and lap times, but save the detailed analysis for off the track.
  • Click Here for MyChron5 user guide (PDF document)
  • We also have a copy of the MyChron4 user guide available here (PDF document)
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