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Kart 360 Plus Device neck safety
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360 Plus Device
Neck protection for Kart racing.

Advanced neck protection for karting and quarter midgetsThe 360 Plus Device is the only neck protection device we will wear, and also the only neck collar we will sell. We race what we sell, and we choose the best. After researching all the available choices, we feel the 360 Plus Device offers the best protection at any price level.

One of the key safety factors - it's designed to prevent the helmet from projecting over the edge of the Device and creating a fulcrum action. This is a common (and potentially dangerous) issue with many foam neck collars.

Major issues the 360 Plus Device helps limit are front and rear hyper-flexion and extreme lateral motion. This is all accomplished while still allowing the driver unrestricted rotation of the head to look over the shoulder for oncoming karts.

The 360 Plus Device also has a unique safety feature not found in many other advanced neck protectors - a break-away function on the front piece to prevent neck & throat damage in the unlikely event that something should hook inside the device. Unlike other devices on the market, the front section is designed with foam, versus plastic, to minimize injury to the throat if forced backward. The device also has adjustable under-arm straps to better hold it safely in the optimum position.

The 360 Plus Device weighs in at only 1.5 lbs. The device is fully adjustable, and is availabe in 2 different sizes. More features listed below.

"Love the 360 device. It's very comfortable and no neck fatigue after logging 80 practice laps yesterday!"
- Jamie, Florida


Kart Safety GearUsing a tape measure, measure around the driver's neck to determine the neck size. Find the size on the chart below that is the best match to your measurement.

Youth 10” - 13”
Adult 13.5” and up


The side foam can be adjusted by undoing the One Wrap tie down, and pulling the side foam part way from the core piece at a 45 degree angle.

Move it forward the desired distance, and evenly press it back into place.

A quick trick is to put a credit card, or similar material, between the Velcro pieces, squeeze the foam into the desired position, and then pull the credit card, or similar material, out.

Caution - Make sure to move the strap retainer close to the loose end of the harness strap. Do not leave a long, loose end that could cause a distraction while driving or catch in moving parts.

***SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUES - Please contact us before ordering 360 Plus products, limited supply at the moment, and our shipments are often already sold before they arrive.***

360 Plus Device - by Team Valhalla Racing Gear

360 Plus Device, Youth - Motorsports neck protection
360 Plus Device
Youth model shown -
click image to view other sizes and angles

*TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE - supply chain and manufacturing issues have these on delay for several weeks. Please contact us before ordering.

360 Plus Device -- $190.00
*Free Shipping in the U.S.A.
*No sales tax

  • Frontal hyper-flexion is reduced by the front of the helmet coming in contact with the firm foam pieces of the Device under the driver’s chin.  These components are constructed of foam that is much denser than the normal neck collar currently worn by drivers - allowing for better control of helmet movement.
  • The vertical braces of the core piece, located behind the driver’s helmet, helps control the rear hyper-flexion.  The helmet coming into contact with the upper vertical brace, located directly behind the driver’s head, reduces backward movement.  This engagement then transfers the energy to the lower vertical brace located against the driver’s back.
  • Extreme lateral motion of a driver’s head is minimized when the helmet comes into contact with the Device.  While not hindering the driver swiveling his/her head from side to side, the Device provides a robust platform for the helmet to rest against as in a roll over situation.
  • Compression load is the amount of pressure and stress exerted on the spinal column due to an impact.  The compression load to this part of the body is unloaded when the helmet comes into contact with the Device.  The energy is then transferred to the Device and then to the upper torso area of the driver.
  • This is all accomplished while still allowing the driver unrestricted rotation of the head to look over the shoulder for oncoming karts.
  • The 360 Plus Device is also designed to prevent the helmet from projecting over the edge of the Device and creating a fulcrum action.
  • The 360 Plus Device is designed with foam parts in the front, versus plastic, to help minimize potential injury to the throat area if forced backward.
  • Designed break-away feature.  In the bizarre event that something should hook inside the Device, the 360 Plus Device is designed to break-away so that the potential for serious injury is reduced.
  • The foam pieces are also adjustable – laterally, front to rear – to adjust for the different chest thicknesses of drivers.



Sto-Bag, storage bag for 360 Plus Device
360 Plus Device Sto-Bag
Click picture to view larger image

360 Plus Device Sto-Bag -- $15
*$7 Shipping in the U.S.A (free shipping if purchased with 360 Plus Device, or any ordering totalling over $99).
*No sales tax

  • Nice convenient bag to stow your 360 Plus Device while not racing.
  • Specs:  Made of 1000 D Pack Cloth, Velcro Closure, Water Repellent
  • Note - 360 Plus Device shown in picture is sold separately.



  • Disclaimer - Safety equipment does not make you invincible, please read the disclaimer
  • Payment of Freight Charges for International Shipments - Enter name (or sales order #) in the box below, click the Buy Now button, and enter the amount quoted (contact us for quote). Note, this will be a separate transaction, it will not add to cart. Please note, we are not allowed to ship the 360 Plus Device directly to European countries.
    Customer is responsible for any Customs charges or taxes their country may charge.
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