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Alpinestars Neck Protector - Youth Neck Support for Kart Racing
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Alpinestars Neck Protector
Youth Neck Protection for Kart racing.

Specially designed for youth or smaller framed rider the Youth Neck Support functions when the helmet and support frame provide an alternative load path for the excessive energy that compresses the neck. If the helmet is in contact with the neck support at the moment of impact the overall load passing through the neck can be reduced, which may prevent a fracture from occurring and reduce the chance of muscular injuries from extreme head movement. Although it is not possible to eliminate the risk of any form of injury, the support has been proven to help reduce the most serious damage and minimize the risk of collateral injury as the impact load is channeled away from the neck.

ADULT SIZE KART RACERS: For neck collar protection, in adult sizes, please click here to see our 360 Plus Device.
AUTO RACERS: For head & neck restraint system, please click here to see our new Z-Tech Series Neck Restraints.

Alpinestars Neck Protector for Youth Karting
Alpinestars Youth Neck Support
Youth 8-14

Youth Neck Support - Black/Yellow Fluo or Black/White -- $139.95

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*$15 Shipping USA

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  • New compact and easy to use lightweight neck protection to fit kids from 8 to 14 yrs.
  • Left and right rigid frames made from a polymer compound in combination with the internal smooth edged soft injected EVA provide a perfect fit and stable positioning.
  • Overall frame construction dissipates energy loads by transmitting them across the back.

Alpinestars Sequence Neck Protector
Neck Protection for Youth Racing.

Designed and developed specifically for younger drivers, the Sequence Youth Neck Roll is the starting point on a junior driver’s journey to the Bionic Neck Support. Ergonomically profiled for young rider’s body requirement the Sequence Neck Roll’s frame is designed to transfer energy impact away from the upper neck.

Alpinestars Neck Protection for Youth Karting

Alpinestars Sequence Youth Neck Roll
Youth 6-10, and 10-14 (2 sizes)

Youth Neck Support - Black/Red -- $46.95

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*$10 Shipping USA

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  • New hybrid kids neck protection with extended tail for high position stability.
  • Ergonomic designed and engineered shape to fit kids from 6 – 10 yrs. and from 10-14 yrs.
  • Double density core is made from a soft PU foam base embedding a hard layer EVA for energy dissipation.
  • Bottom and internal soft section (neck side) provides comfort for the shoulder and neck, hard section on the upper part to give stability and provides force distribution when the helmet is impacting.
  • Easy to use soft strap closure on the front part.
  • External cover can be pulled of core for washing by Velcro opening on the rear.

Alpinestars Helmet Bag
Flow Helmet Bag.

Black helmet bag with white Alpinestars logo. High quality protection for your helmet. Fits full-face helmets.

Alpinestars Flow Helmet Bag
Alpinestars Flow
Helmet Bag

Alpinestars Flow Helmet Bag - Black/White -- $59.95

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  • Lightweight polyester upper with preformed rubberized counter base
  • Accommodates a full face helmet
  • Mesh inserts promote moisture wicking to keep your helmet clean and dry
  • Spacious side compartment
  • Fleece inner lining
  • Main carrier handle and removable shoulder strap



  • Disclaimer - Safety equipment does not make you invincible, please read the disclaimer
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