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Zamp Optics Fog Free Film Insert
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Z-Optics Installation Instructions

Zamp Optics installation instructions

Installation Instructions (text version)

  1. Center the fog free film in eye port area of helmet. Mark position with a non-permanent marker.
  2. Remove shield from helmet.
  3. Make sure shield is clean and free of any dirt and debris.
  4. With a spray bottle, mix a ratio of 150 to 1 water and soap (baby shampoo good source). Lightly spray the area where the film is to be placed inside the shield.
  5. Remove "adhesive" protection film. Be careful to keep clean and not touch the adhesive side once protect film is removed.
  6. Lay the film from center of film outward. Once positioned, spray the inside of film with spray bottle. Use a smoothee squeegee and move from center outward to remove all air and water between film and shield film. Once this is complete, allow 2 hours to dry in position.
  7. Once the adhesive side has been completely applied to shield and dried, remove "antifog" protection film inner side.
  8. The shield is now ready to be installed on helmet.

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